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Our History


The Academy was founded in 1954 by a small group of visionary practitioners determined to foster these goals. Their objective was to promote the art, science and practice of prosthodontics through a committed membership of clinicians, educators and researchers.

Today’s Academy membership advances the goals of its founders by:

  • Monitoring new developments that may support improved health care.

  • Promoting the highest standards of ethics and professional fellowship.

  • Fostering a better understanding among the various disciplines of dentistry and all related professions.

  • Recognizing, encouraging and stimulating research and education.


Our Future


The Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics recognizes the value of current prosthodontic standards and conventional methods of practice; however, the Academy strives to be in the forefront of promoting new and proven scientific concepts and advances related to our discipline. This objective is reflected in the quality of the presentations given before the Academy during its semiannual scientific sessions and results in our programs being highly regarded throughout the world.


The Academy is committed to a leadership role in dentistry by providing a forum for prosthodontics in scientific sessions, supporting research, guiding young prosthodontists in a dedication to excellence, promoting professional fellowship and encouraging community service.

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