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GNYAP Legacy Fund

Who Are We

Dear GNYAP Council Members, Leaders, and Fellows,

We hope this finds you and your families safe and healthy. It remains an honor to serve our illustrious Academy and we are excited to take the next steps in preserving the GNYAP. Fundraising is essential to continue our mission and we are now provided with a unique opportunity to make a difference within our Academy. Our predecessors have paved the way for us in developing and growing the discipline of prosthodontics, leaving us the chance to make a lasting impact and create a legacy we are all proud of. We have been hard at work for over 3 years now developing a fundraising initiative which will culminate in the kick-off of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics (GNYAP) Legacy Fund.


Following the framework provided by the Association Development Solutions (ADS), which captured the voice of our members in their January 2020 report, we have outlined the following elements to ensure the success of our academy:

  • Annual scientific meeting

  • Prosthodontic research

  • Sponsorship of students and residents

  • Mentorship initiative

While these four areas are not equally weighted, together they are crucial to our fellowship.
Below, we have also listed key points from the ADS action plan and fundraising structure.

In terms of ADS’s fundraising structure, we propose three goals:

  1. 2022 target goal = $200,000 in donations by members and corporate

  2. Reach 100% participation for all council and committee members to obtain corporate involvement


Moving forward, the GNYAP legacy fund will involve multiple levels within the circle of giving.
Based on the ADS survey of our membership 30% responded to give a contribution of $2-5,000. The following represent ADS recommendations on levels of giving. So please do what you can and decide on a level of your choosing.


  1. We have also established a separate account to sustain the future of our society and we will not have these funds be commingled with the general funds.

  2. These funds will not pay for entertainment, food and beverages, etc., but rather ensure the excellence of education at our scientific meeting.

Our initial proposal is as follows (Either a one time contribution or a multi year commitment).
Multilevel Circle of Giving:

a. Founders Level: $5,000 for members; $20,000 for corporate
b. Platinum level: $2,500 for members; $10,000 for corporate
c. Gold Level: $1,000 for members, $5,000 for corporate
d. Silver Level: $500 for members; $2,500 for corporate

We are fully committed to the success of this vital initiative and ask for your support in proudly in growing, maintaining, and cementing the legacy of our academy, the GNYAP. We feel so passionate about this project that we would be honored to be the first to join the founders circle by each pledging $5,000 for this worthwhile initiative. In achieving financial independence, we provide future generations with a strong and secure foundation to navigate the developing field of prosthodontics.


Steve Brisman and Keith Progebin

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